Bargain – 99p OPI Shatter Polish

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that crackle/shatter effect polishes have had their day, right? Luckily for me, I actually really like the look of a good crackle or shatter manicure, which means I can pick up jazzy little bargains like these bottles of OPI shatter polish for the princely sum of 99p a go!

99p OPI Shatter Nail Polish

(L-R) Super Bass Shatter, Silver Shatter, Black Shatter

Yep, 99p OPI nail polish.  Following a cheeky tip off from Helen at Loves and Loathes, I nipped into the 99p shop in Leeds city centre just on the off chance that there would be some nice China Glaze or OPI polishes for me to snap up. Lo and behold, utter bargain.

OPI Super Bass Shatter is from the Nicki Minaj collection, and is a rich purple/magenta shimmery colour. The Silver Shatter was in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, and the Black Shatter was in the Katy Perry collection. Obsessive hunting down of facts, just because. I can’t wait to use these, though I literally JUST did my nails yesterday. Sigh. Maybe for the weekend?

There were a fair few other shades available too, so I miiiiiight just cave and head back to get the rest? I mean, I feel like I’ve got a bargain when I pick up bottles in TK Maxx, or buy from Fragrance Direct, but seriously… 99p a throw? On the other hand, my nail polish collection is getting a bit out of control at the minute. I gave a bunch to my sister following the Models Own incident earlier this month, just so I could fit all the bottles into the little metal case I store them in. Proper first world problems, I tell you.

Las Vegas 2014 | Day 7/8/9 | Coming Home

Oh no… it’s the last instalment of the Las Vegas 2014 trip report! So sad to be posting, but loads of happy memories flooding back…. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Following on from Sunday night’s bourbon and vodka fest, Monday morning rolled around, and we gleefully ticked off a typical Vegas activity we’d not tried before – a ridiculous buffet breakfast. We went to the buffet at Aria where Tom, Catherine and Jim were staying – again, a beautiful Las Vegas resort. Ridiculous is the word that just about sums it up – over the top, delicious indulgence. Once we were wheelbarrow-required levels of full, Tom, Dan and I got a cab to The Gun Store. I went for the “ladies package” which let me shoot a Glock 19 and a PINK AK-47. I really disliked the Glock – it felt far too powerful and uncontrollable, and I almost convinced myself not to shoot the AK based on this. I calmed myself down enough to get on with it, and I am SO glad I did.

The Gun Store Las Vegas

As it turned out, the AK was incredibly fun to shoot! I killed a Nazi zombie, in his eyes and in his brain and in his organs. I didn’t miss a shot on either weapon, so watch out Nazi zombies and creepy clown bitches. That night, we threw a mini Game of Thrones season finale party in our suite, with more Secret Pizza and snacks and beer. All in all, a very relaxed evening!

On Tuesday, Catherine and Jim went off on a Grand Canyon coach tour leaving me, Dan, Tom and Leon to meet for brunch at KGB, a firm favourite from our last trip to Vegas. I built my own burger this time – medium rare with brie, garlic aioli, bacon and fried macaroni cheese sticks. Good lord, that juicy pink burger…

KGB Las Vegas

We spent the afternoon shopping at Fashion Show, where we built Lego minifigs and I got overexcited with Sanrio and Hot Topic. My Sanrio haul was relatively sensible – just useful stationery this time. The post it notes were actually from ABC, but fit nicely for purposes of showing off. Hot Topic was a bit rubbish to be honest, but I came away with an Invader Zim tee and a Maleficent vest in the sale, so no real complaints from me.

Hot Topic

Sanrio Loot

We had a lovely walk back down the strip, through the gardens at Caesar’s and into the conservatory at Bellagio – both beautiful locations to relax and really let the non-stop madness of Las Vegas kind of melt away. It was really nice being around living plant life, haha!

Bellagio Gardens

Now… Coming back through the Cosmo to our suite, I spotted a Little Shop of Horrors slot machine. SO CUTE. SO EFFING CUTE. Even cuter when Dan fed it $3 and got $103 back out of it! Turns out I’m pretty good at picking slot machines for other people to play, just not so good at picking them for myself.

The four of us had dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was a bit intense! Dan and I had Tennessee and Georgia peach ice teas, which came with souvenir mason jar wine glasses – currently drinking out of one at home now, though with a lot less booze and excitement. The food at Bubba Gump’s was excellent – so much so that Dan and I went there for dinner again the next day. We’re suckers for seafood.

Bubba Gump Las Vegas

Dan and I got up on Wednesday morning, and impulsively (spurred on by having more money than we thought we would on our last full day in Vegas) visited one of the Tix 4 Tonight booths to see about getting some last minute show tickets for the evening. The fates spoke and we ended up with a pair of tickets for KÀ, a Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM. The two of us met up with Leon and took a cab to In-N-Out Burger, on Leon’s recommendation. We were NOT disappointed! Double double animal style, fries also animal style. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Again, can someone mail me some tasty foods please?

In-N-Out Burger

The afternoon was spent crawling Fremont Street with the entirety of Team Vegas, feeding the “cheap loose slots” and watching Tom consume a football full of White Russian. Seemed like a good idea at the time, apparently.

Fremont Street Funtimes

Dan and I had to leave around 6pm to get back to Cosmo so we could get ready for KÀ. After some deliberation, we decided on dinner at Bubba Gump’s again – more souvenir glasses and tasty shrimps, before the short walk to MGM.

KÀ. Now. How do I go about describing KÀ? Well, here’s the official trailer -

Breathtaking. Emotional. Mind-boggling. Immense.  Beautiful. Every last aspect of that show is incredible. The perfect way to spend my last evening in Las Vegas with my new husband. :love: The only problem is now I have a massive Cirque itch – I already had a passing interest in Zarkana, and more than a passing interest in Zumanity… guess we’re going to have to go back to Las Vegas? The show finished up pretty late, so Dan & I headed back to the Cosmo to pack and prepare for checking out the next day.

Thursday morning was a blur of shoving things into suitcases, spending our last dollars on sweets and tacky gifts for friends at home, and devouring a delicious Salsa Cantina breakfast. Flying home was… well. It was flying home, so it’s never going to be great is it? I mean, it was an excellent flight, but neither of us really wanted to leave Las Vegas.

It was the perfect wedding trip, and one we’ll both be talking about for a really long time. :love: Next up, we plan our (actual) honeymoon… Iceland. From one extreme to another – we don’t do things by halves in the house. Fingers crossed we’ll be sorting that out soon, so watch this space…

Birchbox UK – July 2014

Happy Saturday! Also, happy Birchbox day! The theme for the Birchbox UK July 2014 offering is (rather appropriately) sun, sea and sand. The products this month are meant to be perfect for holidays and summer adventures, taking you “from beach to bar”. Not that I do beaches. Apart from Whitby. Which is generally cold and grey – how I like it. I do however do bars, but enough about my alcoholic tendencies – what’s in the box man? What’s in the box?

Birchbox UK July 2014

Benefit The POREfessional – so pleased to see this in my July box! After using up all the lovely Dr. Brandt Pores No More sample, I decided to give The POREfessional a try. I’m thoroughly in love with it, using it alone or under a light dusting of Benefit’s Hello Flawless powder. Perfect for days when I really can’t be bothered with a full face. This mini sample will become my travel/handbag version, saving me toting the full size around with me.

Whish Three Wishes Lavender Body Butter – first impressions of this product were “hmm, packaging looks a bit cheap” but I soon changed my tune when I rubbed a bit on the back of my hand. This is a sweet scented, not overly lavender-y lotion that absorbs quickly and feels luxurious on the skin. It’s moisturising (down to Shea butter, raspberry butter and aloe – all organic), firming (thanks organic seaweed extract!) and purifying (from the organic rice bran oil). A generous sample size too, at 22ml.

Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube – in Menatour, a rich pinky purple tone. Reminds me a bit of the old Urban Decay Pleather pencils in texture, minus the need to sharpen – does anyone else remember those? Looking forward to giving this a go – not a colour I’d usually seek out, but then again I’m not usually a lips person. That said, I’ve been loving the Yves Rocher lipstick I got in last month’s box, so maybe that’ll change!

Models Own Nail Varnish – in Sparkler, from the Fireworks collection. A glittery topcoat full of tinsel-like silver holo strands. I’m a sucker for glittery nails, and can imagine this is going to get a lot of use over dark polishes. It’s kinda odd that I got this polish, given I had an erm… incident… at the Models Own pop up stand in Meadowhall last weekend, meaning I have a small collection of Models Own polishes to show off at some point. Thankfully Sparkler isn’t one of the shades I bought for myself!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – I’ve never used any Balance Me products, and when I saw everyone raving about this sample (all subscribers were guaranteed this, and the Laqa Lip Lube) I did get a bit excited. First impression is that it’s quite heavy, but seems quick to absorb. Generic almost herbal smell, definitely inoffensive. Looking forward to seeing if this can help out my tired looking eyes – I’ve not stopped in weeks!

Finally, my lifestyle extra is a Filosofille 4 sided nail buffer. It’s a 4 sided nail buffer – what can I say? I usually tend to use a glass file when doing my nails at home, but this will come in useful I’m sure.

This is the sixth box I’ve had, and in theory the end of my gift subscription – however, I’m definitely renewing! I’ve not been disappointed with any box in particular, and in fact I can only think of two products I’ve not been bothered for (the Cellucup and the Naobay body lotion). I’m thinking about writing a “best of the last sixth months” post, as I’ve discovered some great new products via Birchbox. If you’d like to sign up, you can use my referral link to get us both 50 points to spend in the Birchbox shop.

Have a lovely weekend! :love: